John McKee Joined November 22, 2017
Biographical Info
Our founder, John M. McKee, has led organizations and businesses throughout North America. John was one of the founding senior executive team recruited to create and then launch DIRECTV, now regarded by many as one of the world’s most successful business launches. He subsequently developed and oversaw some of that company’s greatest achievements. Prior to DIRECTV, John led organizations in several industries, worked overseas, and was involved in several business turnarounds. He’s spent decades in executive suites and boardrooms. In 2001 he left DIRECTV and established Business Success to an international coaching practice dedicated to helping those in business and leadership roles. His first corporate clients came soon afterward, starting with 4 executives at Comcast. Often seen on television programs nationwide, John is also heard on radio across North America. Interviews and articles he’s contributed have appeared in magazines and newspapers worldwide including: Forbes, Fortune, Elle, Mens Health, US World Weekly News, The Wallstreet Journal, Canada’s Globe and Mail and many local or smaller vehicles. Encouraged by clients to share his ideas and experience more widely has led John to write and publish extensively. He is sought out for salient information and insight that could be applied to careers, businesses and personal lives in a straightforward manner.
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Career Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Performance Coach, Christian Coach, Retirement Coach, Money/Finance Coach
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