Our Life Coaches can help you improve your life.

Typically, they are focused on one’s personal life. Depending on their style, experience and backgrounds; they may use programs, tests, reading materials and / or discussions to help their clients move forward.

Many of the best ones are well experienced, and/or deeply trained to help their clients overcome self-limiting behaviors, and achieve greater results. When you are choosing a life coach, we encourage you to interview several to get a good understanding of how you and the coach interact together.

We call this, the “coach fit”.  Fit – in any form of coaching is a critical success factor – and how you work together effectively will have a big impact on your movement forward.

We recommend that you interview a few coaches so that you understand how you feel very comfortable and confident about working together.  Ask the coach to tell you about a few success stories, ask them questions regarding what you want to achieve or get past.


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Michael Brazzel

Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Transition Coach
Sandra Moody

Sandra Moody

Business Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach

James Persing

Senior Associate Coach

Jill Maidment

Business Coach