Frequently Asked Questions

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We are an international coach network serving clients across 26 countries. Our team is comprised of independent, certified and experienced coaches. WCA serves the needs of organizations, businesses of all sizes and individuals looking for new approaches. Founded in 2001, we are headquartered in Los Angeles, California with local offices worldwide.
Our approach is AnyOne.AnyWhere.AnyTime.© Our Associates will work at your offices or any other location preferred. And distance is no problem: many clients choose to work over the phone or using Skype. Our clients have found these options to be very cost-effective, efficient and successful. We serve the coaching needs of organizations and individuals. Just a few of our specialties include - business coaching, executive coaching, women's coaching, leadership coaching and group coaching. Many of our Associates are published authors or recognized public speakers.
Most coaching companies hire individuals or sell them franchises. They put those people through internal programs and call them 'coaches'. Usually those 'coaches' are using pre-written approaches developed in a one-size-fits-all style. We believe that every client has unique needs and opportunities. Our coaches' experience and certifications are critical components of successful outcomes. Each of our offices is locally owned by a coach who understands the local market intimately. Consequently, we are aware of your economy, environment, and the unique needs of your locations. We know what's required to move you forward, quickly.
WCAprovides the best guarantee in the coaching sector©: "If you don't think you've achieved your goals and objectives - we'll refund your money. Period." We can offer this guarantee because our coaches are very good. And shouldn't everyone feel that confident about their work?
Our clients are multinational organizations, small business owners, and individuals looking for the best coach at a fair price. We do team coaching, and can provide the most-trusted testing. Importantly - unlike most organizations - our coaches are certified and experienced. You will be working with someone who has helped many others already.
In all likelihood, we can serve your needs regardless of your budget. That's because we have coaches based worldwide, serving various constituencies. Contact us, and we'll give you the ranges for the type of work desired.
Our coaches are trained to address: Business Coaching, Women's Coaching, Executive Coaching and Career Transition Coaching. We are authorized to provide testing including the most-widely recognized psychometrics such as MBTI©, NLP©, EQ©, Birkman© and more. You, or your coachee, will have new understanding an awareness.
No. Every Senior Associate Coach owns her or his own practice, BSCN does not take any of their earnings or profits. Our founder believes that this relationship is best for all involved: client, coach, and BSCN. There are many organizations who sell franchises. If you like that concept, we encourage you to check them out. Costs are usually about $30,000US for a 'franchise' with an additional % of income each month paid to the franchisor. BSCN's focus is on helping our clients success, which in turn helps our coaches' long term success.
If you're looking for a coach or a team of coaches, we can fill your needs. Or, if you're a coach who'd like to become one of our Associates, we'll answer your questions. Contact us.
This is an important question. Leaders set the standards, and their experience counts. Our organization was founded by John M McKee, a certified executive and leadership coach himself. His coaching practice, started in 2001, evolved into the Network it is today. Prior to WCA, John was one of the founding senior executive team of DIRECTV©, now the world's single largest satellite TV provider. Over his career, he's led turnarounds, startups and billion dollar organizations. He knows how to create winning enterprises and has a great track record of successes.
We'd love to meet you - contact us. Our objective is to serve companies and individuals in 42 markets and we're interviewing coaches around the world. Please understand that not everyone is extended an invitation to join WCA. Our clients deserve the best. Consequently we've only offered the opportunity to about 15% of those we've met. Contact us and we'll get back to you.