WCA Empowers Coaches who join our trusted, global network of coaches.

WCA Significant Benefits For Coaches

1. Enhance Your Credibility

HR leaders, company owners, and senior executives are usually reluctant to reach out to an independent coach they do not know for various reasons. Since 2001 we have served a wealth of organizations and businesses of all sizes. Their testimonials and logos on our site show their satisfaction, helping WCA coaches attract new opportunities. You'll enjoy greater credibility in a global organization; opening new opportunities when companies and individuals learn that you are a part of our global network of coaches. Both the reputation of the network and the caliber of coaches in the network give credence to your qualifications as a coach.

2. Insightful teleconferences give you 'hands-on', proven strategies

Interact with colleagues, coaching experts, marketing gurus, and leaders from around the world who share their proven ideas and tips to grow your coaching practice. Teleconferences will include authorities on how to improve your business, acquire new clients and most importantly how to add value to your clients. While the speakers would typically charge their hourly rate to impart this information to you it is provided to you freely each month as a benefit of your membership.

3. Exchange valuable coaching guidance with your fellow members

The WCA Peer Coaching Program connects you at no charge for 1:1 meetings with other coaches in the Network as frequently as you* choose.  You'll make valuable connections. Learn ways to improve your coaching practice at no charge.  We strongly believe that coaches need coaches too! You are able to reap the benefit of peer-to-peer coaching at no cost but also collaborate with others in our network to strengthen your business tactics. We offer a Buddy Coach program that pairs you with another coach within the network based upon your needs and desires.

4. Access proven ideas and strategies in the WCA Power Tool© Library

Senior WCA Associates can provide their clients with customized reading "PowerTools". An invaluable library of custom-created, concise materials covering a vast array of issues faced by business people, leaders, and those in transition. Clients rave about these, while coaches improve their credibility and results. After decades of coaching practice we have built an extensive library that you will have access to for free. We have utilized these coaching tools and repeatedly received positive feedback from our clients and coaches about their effectiveness.

5. Gain referral fees while helping your fellow coaches get new clients.

Large organizations prefer to work with 'trusted' coaches in other locations. We encourage our coaches to provide 10% of the fees they generate as a result of an associate's referral. For example, we often have coaches offer a service to other coaches in the network. Once the benefits have been well established and proven, the coach may then offer a particular service to their client and receive a referral fee. This is a great way to supplement income and also create a network of possibilities for your own clients that fall outside your own niche or expertise. 
In WCA, you become part of a worldwide network created to serve the needs of large organizations, small businesses and individuals in these coaching specialties:

  • Career coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Team building and organizational development
  • Leadership programs
  • Executive coaching
  • Women's coaching
  • Outplacement work
  • Transition programs

6. Business-building consultations with our founder.

John M. McKee had his first coach training back in 1978 and launched his practice in 2001. He knows what's needed to build a successful coaching practice. As a WCA Coach*, you can meet with John for business-building consultations to grow your business. John continually offers his time and wealth of knowledge to the network coaches as benefit of your membership. John's insight and guidance is easily one of the greatest benefits of this program.

7. Honest, caring, smart peer reviews.

If you're looking to increase business leads generated by your website, you can request a peer review from colleagues who'll help you get new ideas, spot potential problems, and improve your Website performance. Our coaches typically charge between $150 and $300 /hr.  This benefit* offsets your annual fee by itself.

8. ROI: Your membership will help you grow your practice

Clients today have so many options for a coach, and it's tough to get their attention. Membership in WCA will easily pay for itself with the learning opportunities, new tactics and strategies, and the ability to enhance your standing in the coaching community.

9. Daily public relations activity and social networking programs bring clients to our websites.

We use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more sites to ensure potential clients visit our sites. You are encouraged to give us your written materials or links to let us help grow your own "brand". WCA can bring new leads and new coaching opportunities that otherwise could cost you more each month than your WCA membership fees.

10. Build unmatched connections through a worldwide network of colleagues

Coaching in a solo practice can get lonely. We can become 'stale'. In this remarkable group of coaches, you'll become better, improving your 'game'. At any time you can reach out to anyone in the Network to gain new business opportunities, brainstorm ideas, and discuss your challenges with others who understand your business and can often bring new perspective to how you can be even more successful. We will give you access to several ways to communicate with the network in our membership area, LinkedIn Forum and via our social media platforms! The access the network is always at your fingertips!