Our founder has had experience with new businesses….John was one of the founding senior executive team of DIRECTV, regarded by many as one of the world’s most successful business launches. He left corporate life in 2001, took his certification, and established his own solo coaching practice. That practice evolved into several coach organizations with offices worldwide.

Asked why the WCA will succeed while so many other coaching organizations have fallen by the wayside, John notes:

“Statistically, most organizations fail.  Likewise most coaching entities, despite their great aspirations have failed, too.  When you examine what happened, the lack of success was usually impacted by these reasons:

Insufficient capital – they couldn’t compete in their markets Unsuccessful communications programs Inadequate “brand” awareness – organizations, like people, prefer to engage with “known” organizations Lack of a clear long term plan.  This leads to chaos – or burn out. No marketing and sales expertise – even great products / companies fail if no one knows about them There are now about 150,000 practicing coaches. However, at the same time, many economies have suffered.  Consequently, 1 in 7 coaches fail in their first 2 years of getting into our sector. John continued, saying, “To succeed in any environment where there is competition, a coach is wise to participate in networks or associations to help them to gain clients beyond their local location – to extend their reach. My key objective at this point of my life is to help coaches to become more successful.  That’s because if they are successful, it’s highly likely that their clients are too.  Our Purpose Statement for The WorldWide Coach Association is what drives all of us….  “To create a better world“. We will do this by connecting clients to coaches who can help them become more successful.



Rated in 2015 as one of the top 20 coaches in the world, John is spending more time today focused on helping coaches, as well as his clients. He has been seen on television programs nationwide and internationally, heard on radio across North America, and read in magazines and newspapers worldwide including Forbes, Fortune, Elle, Men’s Health, US World Weekly News, The Wall Street Journal, Canada’s Globe and Mail and many local or smaller vehicles. He is the author of three published books written for those looking for salient information and insight that could be applied to their careers, businesses, and personal lives. John wrote a weekly blog on Leadership for CBS Interactive’s website CNET for several years. Still engaged in coaching, John has a well-earned reputation for helping his clients and client companies move forward quickly. Married to Susan Leslie McKee since 1974, John has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Living in California, he is a Board Director, and actively promotes one organization that he believes is very important for our next generations: Art Trek, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting the arts back into schools that, due to budget cuts, may be unable to provide it on their own.