We provide the best guarantee in the coaching sector.

We are very confident in our ability to serve our clients. Unlike other coaching organizations, our coaching fees are subject to  results.


The coaching sector is unregulated. Recent research shows that over 47,500* individuals now call themselves "coaches". It can hard to determine what you're getting.

At WCA, we start with a no-charge coaching consultation by phone. Normally a $150-250 US value, it will be about 30-45 minutes long to ensure you feel like you've got the right connection.  We’ll do a needs assessment and outline alternative strategies for you.

  • No sales pitch
  • No pressure

At WCA, you'll get the right coach for you.  And to make certain, even if you’re comfortable with the first coach you talk to, you’ll have the option to set up another no-charge consultation with another great coach.

Different coaches have different styles. Some may work even better for you than others. Our guiding light is your best interests.

Additionally, many organizations provide "coach employees" who are neither certified or experienced in the sector. In many cases these individuals have been put through a quick 'one-size-fits-all' training program limited to learning a manual of one-size-fits-all programs

  • The best coaches have real-world experience in their specialties.
  • However most "coaches" do not have relevant experience.

When looking for a coach take these 3 steps:

Ask smart questions about their background and training.  Try to find a place to read about them.

Don't engage anyone who does not offer a Guarantee of Performance.  We have a money back guarantee - it's the right thing to do.

Check client testimonials.  The best coaches have satisfied client testimonials and will share them.



5 Reasons To Hire a WCA Coach

Specialists focused on business, executive, and career coaching

Every WCABSCN Coach is vetted to meet our high standards

We use The Four Windows Coaching Method©

Our Guarantee: If you are not satisfied, you may ask for your money back

Offices worldwide - we can serve your company’s needs locally


Our founder, John M McKee, was one of the founding senior executive team at DIRECTV.  He's led startups and overseen turnarounds in both large and small organizations throughout North America.  John's 3 point philosophy is straightforward:

1. The most successful organizations provide the best service and value to their clients.

2. They help their clients by providing the insight and information needed to make an informed decision and then they back-up their statements with a guarantee of satisfaction.

3. The best - in any field of endeavor - know that they cannot succeed unless their clients are delighted.  That's our objective every day.

WCA is the world's leading coach network serving the needs of large organizations, businesses and individuals.